Point a Loon wiki

Creating a token

For using our API you need a token, you can get it by two different methods, the easiest is creating at, if not you can do it by /createToken GET request:

/createToken GET Request

Create API token for using Google Loon antenna tracker API. Parameters required:

Response: JSON with registered mail and assigned token.


Tokens without activity in a long time period will be deleted, calling /point periodically will prevent that.

Read object loon

Object loon are the interface to provide balloon data.
Our /loons GET Request provide a collection of loon objects from the active balloons at the sky.

{"HBAL020":{"alt":16093.439485009936,"lat":-6.3734,"lng":-78.456,"name":"HBAL020","seen":1500760514,"speed":7,"track":203}, "HBAL044":{"alt":17708.87943331586,"lat":-3.6557,"lng":-61.919,"name":"HBAL044","seen":1500760515,"speed":16,"track":119}, "HBAL051":{"alt":15819.119493788176,"lat":-0.478,"lng":37.6499,"name":"HBAL051","seen":1500760511,"speed":6,"track":270}... } Properties:

Antenna pointing data

/point GET Request will return the information for connecting to the nearest balloon

Parameters required:

Response: JSON with desired azimuth and altitude data for atenna in degrees, distance to the nearest balloon, and object Loon with balloon data (callsign,altitude,speed,postion,track,etc).

{"ant_alt":-13.044651036040841, "ant_azm":314.3787496140375, "distance":2966056.5460053235, "loon":{"alt":15788.639494763536, "lat":-11.8075,"lng":-76.2704, "name":"HBAL941","seen":1500638350, "speed":15,"track":121} }
This also will update your token last activity.
For initial postioning you need to have a minimal connection to the network, the request size is as little as 500 bytes of data.
Note: to avoid CORS issues use instead of (Due to firebase limitation allowing cors on redirects).